Spirit Series Oil Furnaces
Low Profile Highboy, Lowboy,
Horizontal, Counterflow

SpiritOil-LowProfile-HighboyTough Standard Features

Standard features of the Spirit Series Oil Furnaces include a heavy-gauge drum-style heat exchanger and ceramic fiber combustion chamber, which serves to greatly reduce the combustion noise associated with expansion and contraction. This design heats up quickly, re-radiates heat back into the fire providing more complete combustion and cools down quickly after the burner is called to stop.

Every Spirit Oil Furnace is also built with a heavy duty 22-gauge powder coated cabinet for a durable, tough finish that will ensure long life and a quality appearance.

Full-cabinet foil-faced high density fiberglass insulation is used to reduce heat loss and sound levels.

Versatile & Reliable Performance

Spirit Series Oil Furnaces are versatile and reliable and this is evident in all three series.

  • VHF Series - Low-Profile Highboy
  • VH8 Series - High Capacity,¬†Highboy
  • VL8 Series - High Capacity, Lowboy
  • VL Series - Lowboy
  • VC Series - Horizontal/Counterflow

See individual model descriptions for specific details.