Homeowner FAQ
General Information for Homeowners

Thermo Products is a manufacturer of HVAC equipment. We do not install service or troubleshoot HVAC systems. These services can be provided by any qualified dealer, technician or HVAC contractor of the homeowners’ choice. We recommend that all homeowners contact their dealer, contractor or service company for assistance.

Who can I get to work on my system?

Any reputable oil company, propane company, gas utility service personnel or HVAC contractor can work on Spirit equipment. They do not have to be a Spirit contractor to work on the system. Spirit heating and cooling products are only components within the overall HVAC system in your home. Your HVAC service professional can diagnose, service and repair all of the components within your system. None of our products are intended for DIY or homeowner service.

Can you recommend a service person or company?

We recommend that you start with the installing contractor. Often they will put a sticker on the unit with their company information. In addition, if your furnace is fired by oil or propane, we recommend that you call the company that delivers your oil or propane for assistance. If they don’t provide service, they can recommend someone in your area. If you heat with natural gas, please call your gas utility to ask for a service referral. If you are looking for help with Central Air or heat pump applications, please call any local HVAC contractor.

Where can I get parts for my system?

Most serviceable parts are universal in nature and available through your service professional. Any unique part specific to Spirit equipment would be available from a Spirit Dealer, or can be ordered by your service professional through Spirit customer service.
Please Note - Spirit does not sell any parts or products directly to consumers.

How do I check on Warranty Coverage?

Spirit products are very durable and built to the highest standards. Each unit is shipped with a warranty certificate. Because we manufacture many different products, these products may have different warranties. To check on any warranty coverage, we will need the following information from you or your service professional.

  • The model number and serial number of the unit (located inside unit on rating plate label).
  • The original date of installation (if available).
  • The name, part number or description of the defective item.
  • Proof that you are the original owner (for all warranties specific to original homeowners).

Once this information is provided to customer service, we will see what if any warranty coverage is available on your unit.
Labor charges are not covered under any of our warranties.

Can Thermo Products help diagnose a service problem?

For liability reasons, we cannot offer troubleshooting assistance to homeowners. None of our products are intended for DIY or homeowner service. We have technical assistance available for your service professional if needed. Most reputable service providers have a service manager. Often the service manager will help diagnose a service problem and determine if a service call is needed or not.

My new system is having repeat problems, what can I do?

Please have your installing contractor contact our technical service department for assistance.

How can I determine the age of my furnace?

Our serial numbers do not include date codes. We would have to look it up from the serial number and model number which are located inside the unit on the data plate.  Fill out the Contact Us form with the serial number and ask us to look up the date of  manufacture.  We will reply back to you.

What price should I expect to pay for my furnace/AC, and which unit is right for my application?

We do not get involved in pricing to the consumer. Different contractors work on different labor rates, offer different accessories, services, etc. Each contractor quote should be reviewed and compared. Any questions from the quote should be directed to the person providing the quote. Contractors may also recommend different products manufactured by Thermo Products for the same property. The dealer/contractor should be asked to explain the differences between the products for your application.