AH2/AH4 Series
AH2/AH4 Series Hydronic Air Handlers

Thermo Pride’s air handler provides complete comfort for central or zoned heating, cooling or both. For heating, when you install an optional hydronic coil in the air handler and attach it to a boiler, you enjoy a warm and very comfortable temperature rise approaching 70 degrees. The air handler can supply warmer air to your home than most furnaces on the market today and requires only a fraction of the space, investment, and cost of operation.

Comes with Thermo Pride's "Peace of Mind Warranty".

Value & Efficiency - Thermo Pride is widely recognized in the industry as the premiere brand. When you purchase a Thermo Pride, you know you are getting the highest quality system that is built to last! Our air handler units all meet current efficiency requirements and offer you the comfort, value, efficiency and reliability that you expect. Contact a Thermo Pride contractor today! You can find one in your area by going to the Contractor Locator at the top of the page.

Total Comfort Solution - The Thermo Pride hydronic air handler lets you convert from electric to oil or gas heat. You can also add air conditioning to your home with Thermo Pride’s air conditioning coil, which is factory installed in the air handler. The air conditioning coil provides cool comfortable air while eliminating unwanted indoor humidity. When the coil is matched with Thermo Pride’s outdoor condenser unit, you will have an extremely efficient, quiet, reliable, and complete comfort system.

Dependable & Economical Operation - With your boiler connected to a hydronic coil inside a Thermo Pride air handler, standby losses decrease. As the system operates more frequently, water circulating through the boiler reduces sediment build-up, minimizes corrosion, and extends the life of the boiler. Also, the Thermo Pride air handler utilizes a variable speed ECM blower motor which increases efficiency and lowers your electric costs. Thermo Pride’s air handlers often cost less than furnaces or heat pumps to install, operate, and service.

Efficient and Versatile - Air handlers are ideal for zoning and for heating or cooling add-on rooms in your home. In some homes, one thermostat may not be able to provide the ideal comfort level in every room. What is comfortable for the bedroom, may be uncomfortable in the living room. By using the air handler to zone an area in your home, you can have complete comfort, all the time, while using less energy. By heating or cooling only those rooms being used, you will help pay for the air handler while enjoying quiet, reliable comfort.

Quality - Proven quality components, heavier construction throughout the appliance, and a cabinet that is designed to last are just a few quality features of Thermo Pride air handlers. All models are constructed with state-of-the-art components to operate under a variety of conditions while providing complete comfort and reliable operation.

  • Powder coated heavy-gauge steel cabinet for long lasting quality and durability
  • Interlocking steel casing for rigid construction, tight joints, quiet operation and reduced heat loss
  • GE® ECM motor provides infinite blower speeds to increase efficiency and provide consistent airflow for a more comfortable nome
  • Bottom return air in upflow position, left or right air return in horizontal position
  • Foil-faced insulation for reduced noise and improved efficiency
  • Horizontal drain pan built in to facilitate removal of A/C condensate
  • Made in the USA

Peace of Mind Warranty - We stand behind our air handler with our "Peace of Mind Warranty", which covers the Thermo Pride cooling coil and hydronic coil for 10 years and all other parts for 5 years.