Hydronic Air Handler
Hydronic Air Handler with Heating Coil (AH2, AH4 Series)

Thermo Pride’s air handler provides complete comfort for central or zoned heating, cooling or both. For heating, you can install an optional hydronic coil in the air handler and attach it to a boiler. The air handler can supply warmer air to your home than most furnaces on the market today and requires only a fraction of the space, investment, and cost of operation.

The air handler lets you convert from electric to oil or gas heat. You can also add air conditioning to your home with Thermo Pride’s air conditioning coil, which is factory installed in the air handler. The air conditioning coil provides cool comfortable air while eliminating unwanted indoor humidity. When the coil is matched with Thermo Pride’s outdoor condenser unit, you will have an extremely efficient, quiet, reliable, and complete comfort system.

When selecting the right comfort system for your home, you should consider comfort, efficiency, required maintenance, and longevity. The Thermo Pride air handler requires very little maintenance and guarantees efficiency, long life, and worry-free comfort.

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