CLQS1 Series – ECM

CLQS1 Series - 95% Condensing Single Stage Multi-Position Gas Furnace with ECM Blower Motor
The gas furnace built for you!

Thermo Products, makers of Thermo Pride heating equipment, listens to homeowners and incorporates your needs and concerns into a line of superior gas furnaces. You are ensured long-lasting trouble-free operation and peace of mind when you choose a Thermo Pride gas-fired furnace.

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Traditional Craftsmanship - The Thermo Pride name has stood for handcrafted products and hometown values. During this time we have never lost sight of our heritage, our goal of producing the highest quality comfort products, or our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. This has allowed us to provide customers like you with the highest quality products, which you deserve. Thermo Pride CLQS1 gas furnaces are designed for multi-position and can be setup for upflow, downflow, horizontal left or horizontal right. This ensures that you get the furnace that’s a perfect match for your home.

“Peace of Mind” Warranty - The proven longevity of Thermo Pride’s heat exchanger combined with the “Peace of Mind” warranties, help eliminate your risk and worry of having to repeat a substantial investment. The “Peace of Mind Plus” warranty provides that if the heat exchanger fails within 10 years from the date of installation, Thermo Products will provide you with a replacement furnace to the original homeowner. Should you sell your home, the 5 years parts warranty is automatically transferred to the new homeowners.  Original homeowners will have a 10 year parts warranty.  The lifetime heat exchanger warranty is also transferred.

Quality - Proven quality components, heavier construction throughout the appliance, and a cabinet that is designed to last are just a few quality features of Thermo Pride gas furnaces. All models are constructed with state-of-the-art components to operate under a variety of conditions while providing complete comfort.


  • Inshot Gas Burners
  • Fail-Safe Gas Valve
  • ECM Constant Torque Blower Motor
  • 3-pass Aluminized Primary Heat Exchanger
  • 29-4C Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty to all owners
  • 10-year Peace of Mind Plus warranty, if the primary or secondary heat exchanger fails during the first 10 years, a replacement furnace will be provided to the original homeowner only.
  • 5-year parts warranty to any owner and 10-year parts warranty to original homeowner
  • What are the venting requirements? The CLQS1 gas furnaces are a direct vent furnace that is vented with PVC pipe reducing installation costs. This “up front” installation savings may be enough to completely offset the difference in price of building a chimney.
  • Is the air in your home too dry during the heating season? The CLQS1 gas furnace is installed as a direct vent system where combustion air is drawn from the outside of the home, eliminating the depletion of moisture from your home.