Warranty Information
Warranty Information

Since 1946, Thermo Products, LLC has stood behind their products with one of the industry’s best warranties.  You depend on reliable operation when needed most – in the coldest or hottest weather.  And if a breakdown ever occurs, you don’t want costly bills that add to your expenses.  Product warranties show that a manufacturer has your long-term satisfaction at heart.  Plus it shows their confidence in providing a quality product.

Our products are backed with outstanding warranties.  The proven longevity of Thermo Pride’s oil furnace heat exchanger, combined with the Limited Lifetime Warranty, virtually eliminates the worry of ever having to replace your oil furnace.  The Thermo Pride oil heat exchanger carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty which states that if the heat exchanger becomes defective, Thermo Products. will provide at its option either a replacement heat exchanger or the necessary repair parts on a no charge basis.  Should you sell your home, the furnace heat exchanger warranty will automatically transfer to the new owners.  Thermo Pride furnaces also come with a 10-year parts warranty*. See warranty specifics for details below.  Our condensing gas furnaces come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 10 year parts warranty.  Beyond the 10th year the primary and secondary heat exchanger will provide at its option either a replacement heat exchanger or the necessary repair parts on a no charge basis.  Any labor costs involved in the diagnosis, repair or the removal and replacement of the heat exchanger are the responsibility of the owner. 

* Thermo Pride’s 10-year parts warranty is effective on units sold on or after
 September 1, 2008.


Thermo Pride quality air conditioning products take your comfort to another level.  The TC4 and TC7 series of air conditioning condensers include a 5-year Peace of Mind Plus Limited Warranty.  If the compressor fails within the first 5 years of the date of installation, we will replace the entire condenser.  After the fifth year, the condenser continues to be covered by our 10-year Compressor and Parts Warranty.  Together these make up Thermo Pride's unique Peace of Mind Plus Warranty.  The owner must register the product within 90 days of installation to activate warranty coverage.  Otherwise, the warranty reverts to 5 years on parts and coil and standard 10-year compressor warranty.  Register online at www.thermopride.com.  See warranty for details.

View/Download Warranty Specifics (pdf):

Click here for Oil Furnace Warranty Certificate (OH6, OH8, OL5, OL6, OL11, OL16, OL20, OL33, OL36, OL39, OD6, OT11, OT16, OME)

Click here for Gas Mobile Home Furnace Warranty Certificate (GMD)

Click here for Gas Furnace Warranty Certificate (CLHS1, CLQS1, CHX3, CHB1, CDX3, CDB1, CMA, CMC)

Click here for Gas Furnace Warranty Certificate (PGL)

Click here for Air Conditioning Warranty Certificate (Current Models TC4, TC7)

Click here for Air Handler Warranty Certificate (AH2, AH4)



Online Product Warranty Registration:

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