OL6 Series PSC Blower

OL6 Series - Lowboy with PSC Blower Motor

Lowboy furnaces are shorter in height with the blower in back of the heat exchanger. They are typically used for basement room installations with low-height restrictions.

The OL6 comes with a factory standard PSC blower motor.

Dependable Craftsmanship
Thermo Pride heating equipment has listened to your concerns about comfort and has met your demands for the best, most reliable, and efficient furnaces and cooling systems. When you want to experience exceptional comfort, increased efficiency, and handcrafted quality along with the proven warranty of Thermo Pride, but have limited space, select the low profile OH6 series oil furnaces. You’ll be sure to receive quiet, reliable, long lasting performance from your home heating system that is specifically designed to meet your home’s needs.

Handcrafted Quality
Each Thermo Pride cabinet is powder coated inside and out for a durable, tough finish that will ensure long life and a quality appearance. The interlocking insulated furniture grade steel cabinet helps retain heat within the furnace and prevents annoying vibrations during operation. The rounded corners add structural strength and a pleasing appearance to the cabinet.

The heat exchanger is fabricated of 13-gauge copper coated steel in a unique octagonal shape to increase the surface area and the heat transfer of the heat exchanger. The copper coating helps prevent corrosion from external damp conditions. This unique combination of design and material provides Thermo Pride oil furnace owners with the confidence that these furnaces are made to last a lifetime!

The proven longevity of Thermo Pride’s heat exchanger, combined with the heat exchanger Limited  Lifetime Warranty, virtually eliminates the worry of ever having to replace your furnace. Should you sell your home, the heat exchanger warranty will automatically transfer to the new owners. Thermo Pride furnaces also come with a 10-year parts warranty.  See warranty for details. 


The OL6 combines the best of the proven low profile OH6 unit into a lowboy oil furnace.

If ordered with the optional ECM Blower Motor:

  • Quieter start up, greater efficiency, and more comfortable operation due to infinite fan motor speeds.
  • Delivery of comfortable airflow in both the heating and cooling modes. On a call for heat or cooling the blower motor starts at the slower speed and builds to the correct running speed.
  • Automatically compensates for restricted ducts or a dirty air filter by increasing the motor speed (routine filter cleaning is still recommended.)
  • Energy bills will be lower due to quieter efficiency of the ECM motor (especially when you run the blower for long periods of time.)
  • Reduced fan speeds will run quietly and save energy when the blower runs constantly as with air filtration, for example.
  • The OL6 provides Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies (AFUE) of 86.5% for Beckett AFG, 86% for Carlin EZ-1HP, and 87% for Riello BF3 burners.