CMC1 Series

CMC1 Series - High-Efficiency, 95% AFUE, Gas/Propane Mobile Home Furnace with Integrated Coil Cabinet

The Thermo Pride Story - Located right here in the United States, Thermo Products, makers of Thermo Pride heating and cooling equipment, is known for superior workmanship and product innovation. Thermo Products is committed to producing handcrafted products that provide your family with reliability, comfort, durability, quiet operation, and high efficiency. You will have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your gas Thermo Pride Mobile Home furnace is anything but a mass-produced, low-cost compromise between quality and price.

Reliability - Whether you’re upgrading to save energy or your current furnace has failed, you’ll want to replace it with one that is both dependable and economical. Thermo Pride Mobile Home furnaces are designed and built specifically as replacement furnaces, so you can easily upgrade the heating or cooling system in your home.

Energy Star Approved - The CMC1 Mobile Home Furnace bears the Energy Star logo for the models equipped with the ECM variable speed blower motor. These models end in the suffix DV3. It is 95% efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.

Natural Gas or LP - All Thermo Pride Mobil Home Furnaces can be used with either natural gas or LP (propane). They are supplied with all the necessary components to convert from natural to LP.

Venting Options - The CMA can be vented through the existing roof jack, using our concentric vent kit, or through the roof or wall with our dual pipe flashing kit. A two-piece top as been designed for improved access to the vent pipes as well.

“Peace of Mind” - Thermo Pride's CMC1 includes a 10-Year Peace of Mind Plus Limited Warranty. If the heat exchanger fails within 10 years of the installation date, we will provide a replacement furnace*. After the tenth year, the heat exchanger continues to be covered by our transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty. We also offer a full 10-year parts warranty at no additional cost. Together, these make up Thermo Product’s unique “Peace of Mind Plus” warranty... our assurance to you that, when you buy Thermo Pride, your buying the best!

Comfort - Comfort is the purpose behind any heating system. “Temperature rise” makes the difference between feeling warm, comfortable air from the registers in your home or the feeling of cool air blowing across you when the furnace is on. It is the difference in air temperature from the point where it enters the furnace to the point where it exits. The higher the temperature rise then the warmer the air is when it enters the rooms of your home. Thermo Pride has a standard 70°F temperature rise across its full line of furnaces. This is an air temperature up to 30°F warmer than other furnaces - providing a far superior comfort level.

* Installation requirements must be met. See contractor for more information.

  • 95% Efficient
  • Integrated Coil Cabinet for Easy Air Conditioning Installation
  • Energy Star Approved When Using the Optional ECM Blower Motor
  • Aluminized Steel Primary Heat Exchanger
  • Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • 22-Gauge Powder Coated Cabinet for Durability
  • Silicon Nitride Igniter for Quiet and Consistent Light-off
  • Two-piece Top Design for Easy Access to Vent Pipes
  • Concentric Vent Kit Available Using Existing Roof Jack and Standard Base
  • PVC Venting
  • Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty
  • Made in the USA