95% Condensing 2-Stage Furnaces
CDX3 Series - 95% Condensing 2-Stage Counterflow/Horizontal Premiere Gas Furnace

The CDX3 Series can be mounted horizontally where height restrictions are paramount. For instance in a basement crawl space or attic.

The CDX3 can also be configured as a counterflow furnace. Most furnaces draw cold air in at the bottom and warm air is released out the top. In certain situations, this is not practical and a counterflow or ("downflow") furnace is needed. In a counterflow furnace, cold air is drawn in from the top and warm air is released out the bottom.

  • 2-Stage Design for Improved Efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • “Peace of Mind” Lifetime Limited Warranty (Transferable)
  • Handcrafted High Quality
  • Comfort - Warmer than our Competition
  • Horizontal/Counterflow Designs
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